Nature’s Light Diffusion


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Woven wood shades has been making a dramatic comeback in the world of window covering.  Despite the shift towards contemporary and minimalist decor in the homes, the woven wood shade has held its own against the more contemporary window treatment choices, finding a special place in both the traditional and modern home.

It is hard to say whether the woven wood shade is traditional, transitional, or contemporary.  What the woven wood shade is, though, is nature’s great light diffuser.  Created by natural materials of grass, reeds, rattans, the woven wood shades offers patterns, textures, and light diffusion unmatched by synthetic materials.  Arguably, that is what makes the woven wood shade so breathtakingly gorgeous in a well-lit window frame. Almost always picture perfect!

Of course, the true serene beauty of nature is hard to match but woven wood shades is a nice little reminder of natural, rustic beauty in the interior.